Designer and direct importer of furniture and home goods

Zora's selection is tremendous.  We have hundreds of items from four different suppliers that are currently available in San Diego, but that is just a small sample of what our suppliers have to offer.

Orders are the best way to get exactly what you want.  You can order what you see in the catalog or use the catalog as a base and have an item customized.  Options range from stain color, drawer configuration, resizing, wood species, solid wood or veneer, grade of stainless steel, or whatever else you need to make it right for you.  We will help you to decide which supplier is best for you and work to make your dream piece. 

Our management has 14 years of experience exporting from Indonesia to the US.  We have a sister company based in Java and they work to follow our orders through the manufacturing process.  You can have photos of your piece transforming from rough farm-grown lumber to beautiful furniture.  

Our items are hand-made to order and shipped by ocean freight.  We are dealing with small companies so if another order is ahead of us it takes longer for our order to fill.  Typically, it takes at about 3-5 months from the time we place the order to delivery.  We provide you a time estimate before you provide a 40% down payment.