Designer and direct importer of furniture and home goods

Zora's Imports is a small business that is operated by Dan and Tiffany Sims.  Dan traveled the world as a geologist and was often asked by foreign co-workers to help import goods for sale in the United States.  In 2001 the Sims' and a few friends started an organic fertilizer company that imports from Indonesia.  After years of learning from importation challenges, failures and successes, we decided to expand our horizon.  

Zora's Imports was established to seek out the very best of the thousands of small furniture producers, artists and craftsmen that operate in Indonesia and work with them to import their goods into the United States.  We visit all of the manufacturers places of work and our sister company in Indonesia checks progress and workmanship regularly.  The work is performed by skilled adult laborers and we pay fair prices for their products.  We adhere to the Indonesian custom of maintaining long-term relationships.

We require great variety when we import custom interior furniture in San Diego County.  With few exceptions, we order less than four of the same pieces to be included in any shipment.  Production of such low quantities of an individual design cannot be economically performed by a factory that is set up for mass production.  By necessity and preference, our made-to-order furniture, such as these genuine rosewood tables, is hand-made.  

Most of our pieces are  solid wood furniture.  The widely accepted industry definition for "solid wood furniture" is that if the frame and visible faces are solid wood, but non-visible surfaces are engineered wood, then this is "solid wood furniture".  This seems a bit deceptive and it is likely troublesome for those who purchase solid wood for health and environmental reasons. For Zora's, "solid wood" means that the frame, drawer bottoms, back panels, side panels, and all wood is solid wood.  Even solid wood backs and drawer interiors are fully finished  in many pieces.  No plywood or engineered wood is included in our solid wood furniture. 

Primarily, Zora's imports custom interior furniture, but we also seek opportunities such as factory overruns.  This is where a factory makes more pieces than necessary to be sure they are not short on an order.  Our teak Danish Modern furniture is such a collection.  These pieces were designed for sale in the Scandinavian market and we purchased much of what was left over after the European order was filled.  This line is almost sold out.

Zora's is a unique importer of custom interior furniture in san diego county